People often ask me why I moved to Montana... Most people are really shocked to hear I moved here without ever having visited.  I had been to several other western states, but never Montana.  However, I just knew it was where I wanted to be.  Having grown up in Minneapolis and going to college in Iowa, I knew eventually I was going to end up trading the plains for the mountains.  

Montana has so much to discover, and one of the best ways to see the state is road trips.  Road trips are my excuse to sit back, eat junk food, and see all that I would miss on a plane.  One of the more beautiful parts of road tripping is the ability to stop anywhere... something my poor husband has to constantly do.  Ha, that's what he gets marrying a photographer:)  "Wait honey, turn around, there is a really cool door I want to take a photo of..." He probably thinks I am off my rocker sometimes:)  

There is something truly spectacular about old barns, the worse shape they are in, the better I think they are.  Here is a handful of old barns I have discovered just this spring.